Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adobe Support

Working in Flash used to be slightly annoying for me because of how the line smoothing works. I'd draw a line that fit what I wanted perfectly and as soon as I released the stylus it would warp into something completely different. Whenever I work on an animation project, as I am now, this problem is exasperated by a frequent crashing. Well, I recently spent a decent penny and upgraded to Flash CS5.5 for my most recent job and I must say I am impressed! I didn't think Flash could have crashed more than it already did but bless Adobe, they really pulled out all the stops on this new version. I'd say overall I've lost over 24 hours of work due to crashes, which is 24 hours of pay I'm losing by having to do everything more than once.

Obviously this has lead me to calling Adobe Support on more than one occasion since purchasing the program. The results have been...disappointing to say the least. First of all I'd be very surprised if any of these support technicians really knew the program well. Secondly, even if they did it would appear they are limiting their responses (and usefulness) to a very contrite script. This conclusion is arrived at after a few conversations ending in awkward silence, an assurance that a "higher tier technician" would call me back in a day or so, and repeated suggestions of things we've already established didn't work.

So rather than pitching my computer out the window, I decided to have a little fun!
Since I'm working on another Mo Willems project I thought using some of my favorite characters would be apropos...

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