Sunday, September 16, 2007

Johann Kraus

9x12 Bristol Board and Micron Pen
Johann Kraus from Mike Mignola's
for an art trade

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Here's an older character of mine, a nameless warrior type fellow.
Swell at parties.
I needed a break from everything else I was doing, so
I decided to revisit some old ideas.
This particular gent is from way back in the sands of time
to February 2005, I believe was the first I drew him.
My memory is not that good, mind you, but the computer
says I created the original piece then, and I am inclined to
believe it!

Just for fun, though it looks somewhat sad now, here's the original:

Look at his adorable pony! I have several issues with this,
but I do still like the design, hence the above drawing.
We shall see what lies in store for our scaly companion.
Only time shall tell!