Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ham & Eggs Side Dishes

Hey Gang,

I am super excited to announce two new projects that are in pre-production for Ham & Eggs! One will be a collection of Ham's Memoirs called "On The Trail With A Curly Tail". It will feature around 12 original 5-page shorts written by Stephen Lindsay and myself, artwork provided by several extremely talented individuals! Here's a little sneak peak to whet the appetite! A rough sketch of young Serrano Ham back when he was a hostage negotiator with the NPPD by Danilo Beyruth. Danilo's been a friend of Stephen and mine since we first started working together two years ago! His work is always astounding and inspiring!:

Ham rough sketch by Danilo Beyruth

Second is a one-shot TPB focusing on the origins of Colonel Towsta Strudel called the Saint Severin's Day Murders. Story by Stephen and I and artwork by the also incredible Daniel Thollin! Daniel has worked with us in the past, and he has some amazing looking projects coming up with Stephen that you simply HAVE to check out! Here's the cover image for SSDM by myself and a Strudel concept piece by Daniel!

Strudel concept by Daniel Thollin

SSDM Cover art by me

Both Danilo and Daniel have done Ham & Eggs guest strips for us as well! Perhaps you remember? If not, check them out at!

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