Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well it's been a while, hasn't it? yes, I think it has! Things have been trucking along with "The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham and Eggs"! We are still posting every Tuesday and Thursday and are currently up to issue 2, page 6. Exciting! I know I know, blah blah blah less talk more art, right? So be it!

First up is a pinup I did for my buddy Jay Piscopo! A rather talented artist, I might say, really diverse too! He can do a lot of different styles and things and he's great at them all. So in exchange for the Colonel Strudel pin-up he did for me a while back, I did this of Captain Eli. If you don't know about The Undersea Adventures of Captain Eli, I suggest checking out at Jay is the author/artist of Captain Eli and the graphic novel came out just this month! So get a copy would you? Oh, and while you're reading it, try one of the amazing Captain Eli sodas! I recommend the orange pop or blueberry, my boyfriend is partial to the root beer :)

Now with colors by Jay

Since we're in issue two, we're introducing even more characters to Ham and Eggs! So far in issue 1 we met: Inspector Serrano Ham, Eggs Benedict, Baron Werner Von Blackforest, Colonel Towsta Strudel, G'nok Mamwabe, Bromley and some incidentals along the way. Issue 2 brings about Mayor Giblets and now (drum roll) Detective Jack Valentine Jones!

initial rough sketch of Detective Jack

Great name huh? I like it! Unfortunately neither Stephen or myself can take credit. Jack is based off a real live chihuahua that belongs to my good friend Socko Jones! Owner of Comic Book Jones, the best damn comic shop this side of New Pork City! And yes, Jack does really have one floppy ear and one stand-up ear. And it is as adorable as you might imagine! Another cool thing about Jack, real and hamified, is that he doesn't have your typical bug-eyes. This knocks back the freak-factor and cranks up the cute! But hopefully you can tell that being cute isn't the only thing Jack is'll have to keep reading Ham and Eggs to see what I mean.

And just for fun...Mayor Giblet's and Bromley's original designs! Enjoy!
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Shivers said...

Looks great, Lauren! The colour one rocks too!